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Data center supply

Implementing a datacenter: a strategic challenge

A data center or data center is an infrastructure consisting of a network of computers, storage space and can be used by companies to organize, process, store and store large amounts of data.

 A business relies heavily on applications, services, and data in a data center. It is therefore an essential part of everyday business. A basic data center brings together servers, storage subsystems, network switches, routers, firewalls, and of course physical cables and racks to organize and interconnect all this computing equipment.

ATM Technology offers an end-to-end solution, from consulting to maintenance of all systems required for hosting, including the supply of equipment and their commissioning.

These offerings have a large number of combinable facets to achieve a reliable and economical Datacenter:    

  •  consulting and engineering in the room design     
  • a choice of more economical servers and network equipment     intelligent,
  • modular air-conditioned racks that are powerfully and audibly powered    
  •  Modular power supply (UPS) and optimized air conditioning advanced room parameter control systems

At each level, ATM Technology strives to integrate the most relevant equipment to meet your needs, while respecting best practices in terms of energy optimization, security, etc.

We also offer energy solutions adapted to Telecom (solar stations, solar shelters, 48v telecom bays, etc.).

20 Decembre 2017
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