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Integration Services

Integration is at the heart of our business. The goal of integration services is to control the life cycle of a complex IT solution from deployment to operation. Deployment can include software and hardware on your infrastructure or private, public, or hybrid clouds. . The purpose is to build an efficient and safe environment.

ATM Technology offers integration services in several areas, namely: network & telecoms, IT, electronic banking, office automation and building technologies. We master the most innovative solutions and give our clients a wide range of expertise for a global approach. their information and communication system.

Through this support of companies, ATM Technology is a guarantee that allows them to face the challenges of competition and allow them to make their businesses profitable while remaining competitive.

Our offer in terms of service integration

Establishment of a unified communication system

Voice, video and data communication systems help improve the collaboration of your teams and partners while reducing your costs. We support you in the deployment of all your collaboration components to increase the performance and productivity of your collaborators

  • Videoconferencing
  • Business telephony
  • Collaborative Messaging

IT security

ATM Technology provides you  solutions to protect your network against theft and the use of confidential information by providing security against malicious attacks.

Firewalling, encryption and VPN
Strong authentication solution
Content security and URL filtering
Detection and intrusion prevention

Setting up infrastructures

  • ATM Technology supports you in your projects of rehabilitation or creation of specialized rooms intended to federate the computer resources, network and telecoms of the company.Data center: air conditioning, technical floor, false ceiling, fire safety, access security, alternative energy source (inverter, generator), access security to weak current and strong current networks,
    Call center: we propose the hardware implementation of your call center (cabling, terminal configuration) and Call Center type applications (or call center) in web mode with CRM.

Video Protection, alarm system

the security is specific to each one, it declines according to the risks and must evolve according to the circumstances, we are able to answer your needs.

We integrate, for this, the whole chain of Security:

Consulting & Audit
Installation & Maintenance of electronic surveillance systems
Intervention on alarms

Electronic banking is the combination of electromechanical, computer and telecom and is used as a means of payment. Today, it is practiced in several sectors of activity:

Banks and Financial Institutions (ATM / ATM, POS / POS)
Petroleum distribution companies (TOM Card / TPE / POS)
Mobile companies (Mobile Money)

The electronic banking has for objectives:

Securing automated and electronic transactions.
Access to his account every day and at any time.
Reconciliation of the Bank to its Clients
Dematerialization of currency

in this set, we find


Payment Terminals

electronic device, meeting the specifications established by a card payment system, and that merchants make available to their customers to enable them to pay with the cards of this system.

ATM Banking

The ATM is a device that allows for banking operations. With the help of a credit card and a PIN, the ATM allows us to make withdrawals of banknotes, deposits of cash or checks, bank transfers

Check Checkers

Check readers providing additional security to non-electronic payment. Connected to a payment terminal or a POS system, it offers many benefits such as reading and editing the check in less than 3 seconds

Are you thinking of renewing your core network, your IT fleet? to optimize the backup of your data or to outsource your information system?

ATM Techonology meets the expectation of customer accounts that wish to entrust the overall management of all the company’s office positions.

We are partners of major distributors and offer efficient solutions:

Archiving and document management solutions GED,
Storage and data management solutions
infrastructure virtualization
Printing Solutions
collaborative work solutions
basic mailing contact management

You will find at ATM Technnology, experts who will accompany you in the choices best suited to your needs. Offering a wide selection of high performance computer products and products, which we strive to renew regularly, we have the solutions that are right for you.