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Audits and Counsulting

Estimate the computing risks, the risks of the information systems

The IT audit is a study analyzing the various aspects of the IT strategy of a company. He thus allows to establish a real state of places of your computer system (the mapping(cartography) of the park: the posts(post offices), the waiters(servers), the network safety(security), the connectivity, the tools job(business), the protections(savings)).

Your information system  must be flexible and agile to adapt itself, align itself easily in strategic objectives jobs(businesses), and to take into account all the new needs.

Furthermore, he must be reassured(secured): the safety(security) will be the security of services provided to your internal customers. Without reassurance, it is the management of the information in the organization which is damaged.

In front of such requirements, it is authoritarian to know exactly the operational risks and to develop your capacity of anticipation in the management to the everyday life of your information system.


ATM-TECHNOLOGY provides you  its expertise to realize an audit of your existing environment or advise you to come along in the definition of your need.


Our offer

  • System and Storage Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  • Database Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  • Print Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  • Collaboration and Messaging Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  • Networks and Telecoms Infrastructure Audit and Optimization
  • Information System Vulnerability Assessment
  • Energy Infrastructure Audit and Optimization


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